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The Big Reveal

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STSA and Friends of Mt Field turned out a football team of 21 volunteers for the big reveal of the new turf on Mawson Ski Run on Saturday. The grass was sown three years ago with seed collected from alpine grass species specifically for the purpose, and covered with shade cloth to enhance growing conditions and protect the seedlings from grazing. There was great anticipation as the Friends of Mt Field volunteers rolled back the shade cloth, to reveal that the trial has been a great success, with long green grass well established.

The wallabies will be feasting well tonight, and even an echidna turned out to check out the new grass.

Volunteers from Friends of Mt Field hard at work removing the shade cloth
Liz Koolhof spots an echidna on the ski slope

Meanwhile further up the slope volunteers from STSA ski clubs were working hard to install a three panel snow fence at Pole 6 – an area where it was hard to hold snow cover last season. It was a good workout to get the timber up the hill, but everyone helped out with the carrying.

Fred to Craig: “You want me to carry all that up there!?”
Karen Wild-Allen shoulders a load

Lunch time seemed to arrive very quickly, and the team were glad to try out the excellent new picnic tables constructed by Parks staff. Then it was back into action, with the Davis family, Craig Larsson, and Rod Stolorz tackling the snow fence tripod assembly, while Micah Kleinert, Andrew Poole and Leigh Stevens from the Wellington Outdoor and Ski Club worked on re-setting the foundation for Pole 1 on the Mawson run, which had worked loose and become unstable.

Lunch time outside the new day shelter
Leigh Stevens, Katherine Davis and Karen Davis working on the new snow fence
Micah Kleinert, Andrew Poole and Leigh Stevens work on straightening and re-setting Pole 1

Meanwhile Fred, Liz, Dianne and Karen Wild-Allen were doing a wonderful job of repainting the exterior of the Mawson tow motor hut.

Fred Koolhof, Karen Wild-Allen, Dianne Gregg and Liz Koolhof in front of the freshly painted Mawson tow hut

As the day drew to a close work commenced on putting slats on the new snow fence – a fantastic effort by all our dedicated volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped out – it was a great day!

Heading back down after a busy and rewarding day

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Peter Davis

President, Southern Tasmanian Ski Association

Peter is currently President of the STSA, and a member of the Oldina Ski Club. He has been coming to Mt Field for many years, and is an intermediate skier who can get down most black runs, but without much style.


  1. Audrey says:

    What an incredible job everyone, thankyou to the volunteers!

  2. Jenifa Dwyer says:

    What a wonderful job you have all done! Excellent!

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