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Ski Patrol History

A ski patrol is an integral part of any ski field, and skiing operations cannot run unless ski patrol is present on the field. A ski patrol provides, without fee, rescue and first aid treatment to injured skiers and visitors.

The Mount Mawson Ski Patrol is run purely on a voluntary basis. Patrollers receive no remuneration for their work on the mountain. The patrol was formed in 1962, although for the first several years patrollers were known as “volunteer rangers”. Until 2011 the patrol was still housed in Sitzmark Lodge (which was condemned in 1998 and subsequently demolished!). However with the provision of 2 demountable structures to replace Sitzmark we now have a more salubrious home, and equipment and supplies have been cleaned, renewed, and housed in possum-proof facilities!

Patrollers have undertaken training in first aid and emergency care under the auspices of the Australian Ski Patrol Association. This course is a standard syllabus across all 3 states in which it is held (Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania). The most recent course in Tasmania was in 2012, the next will be in 2015, and courses are run in other states each year.